Parish Life

St. Vincent has ten commissions with dozens of ministries and four organizations where you can make an immediate impact.

Pastoral Council

Our pastoral planning body, promotes the spiritual growth of our parish community and our mission to live and share the love of Jesus Christ for all.

  • Christian teaching
  • Parishioners needs
  • Community needs

Finance Council

Our financial planning body, assists in legal guidance, financial planning, budget preparation and accountability.

  • Properties upkeep and renewal
  • Account for parish goals and objectives
  • Monitor legal needs


St. Vincent has five organizations looking for new members,

contributors and volunteers.

Altar Society

The Altar Society has been an active ministry of St. Vincent Parish since the 1870s. Its primary mission is to provide and care for the sanctuary and altar including linens, flowers and vestments. Members also clean and maintain the sanctuary and sacristy areas. In addition, the Altar Society hosts social events providing opportunities for parishioners to come together in community.


* President: Ellen Green

[email protected]

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society are dedicated to helping the poor, taking their inspiration from our patron saint of charitable work, St. Vincent de Paul. They provide assistance to those who are having difficulty with bills or obtaining groceries. At Christmas and Easter they prepare food/gift certificate bags for those in need.


* Contact: Tom Considine

[email protected]

Knights of Columbus

The Mission of Council 14054 St. Vincent Parish Knights of Columbus is to embrace the principles of Father Michael J. McGiveny, founder of the Knights of Columbus. The goal of our council, under the direction of our chaplain, is to exemplify Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism, provide service to our parish community and school, affirm the “right to life” and lead by example as faithful Catholic members of our community.


* Grand Knight: Richard Wendelken

[email protected]

Music Ministry

At St. Vincent de Paul, we are fortunate to have a vibrant music program, which is growing all the time! Currently, we have five groups that provide music for our regularly-scheduled masses, as well as for weddings, funerals, Holy Week, Christmastide, special services and holidays. We come together each year for a Celebration of Lent program at 4:00 p.m. on the Sunday two weeks before Easter. All of our musical groups are conducted by experienced musicians. We welcome new members, both active and supporting.


* Music Director: Nancy Daley,

[email protected]

(330)535-3135 x 103

St. Vincent de Paul Auxiliary

Our mission is to assist the St. Vincent de Paul Society and to follow the calling of our namesake, St. Vincent de Paul, to help the poor. We do this by feeding the hungry of the parish neighborhood.


* President: Betty Sweeney,

[email protected]


Commissions have various ministries always in need of new talent and dedication.    St. Vincent provides a wide array of public services to its members and the community.

Pastoral Care

Deepening within parishioners the desire and ability to reach out to people who are hurting within their daily lives.


*Moderator: Marie Ice,

[email protected]

*Assistant Moderator: Ann DiFrangia,

[email protected]


Enhancing the various means of parish communication and outreach: website, social media, homilies, bulletins, events, announcements and more.


* Moderator: Michael Douglas-O’Neill,

[email protected]

Day School Advisory

Providing a way in which knowledgeable parishioners, including the principal, pastor and representatives from the school, including teachers, staff, parents, students and alumni can assist in the development of pastoral plans and policies related to the school.


* Moderator: Darlene Cook,

[email protected]


Forming active Catholics to better live and share their faith in daily life including outreach to inactive Catholics, youth and young adults.


* Moderator: Phillip Schuchter,

[email protected]

Faith Development

Developing among parishioners a desire to deepen their understanding and commitment to our Catholic Christian faith as a set of beliefs and a way of life.


* Moderator: Pierre Ferrer,

[email protected]

Faith at Work

Assisting parishioners and others in strengthening the connections between their faith, core values and work (whatever productive activity they do).


* Moderator: Brendan O’Connor,

[email protected]


Assisting parishioners to develop a sense of stewardship – sharing their time, talent, treasure as a way of life in the parish and in their overall lives.


* Moderator: Brian Walsh,

[email protected]

Social Justice

Educating parishioners on social justice issues and ways they can advocate and act on specific peace and justice concerns within their daily relationships, work and community involvement.


* Moderator:  Sonya Presper,

[email protected]


Forming parishioners in a deeper understanding and experience of various liturgies, especially celebration of the Eucharist.


* Moderator: Ellen Green,

[email protected]

Youth Connections

Connecting with the high school and college students and young adults of our parish, informally and off-site, to discuss issues and values relevant to their lives and faith.


* Moderator: Alex Niemiec,

[email protected]

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