Have you ever wanted to feed the hungry or clothe the homeless?  Do both.

The Parish Plan resulted in the creation of Commissions which help the Church and School in their missions. The following are the objectives of our Commissions. We hope you can join us in renewing our 180 year tradition of serving those in need.

Pastoral Care

  • Reach out to those suffering from abuse of alcohol, drugs, and other addictions and their loved ones
  • Provide support to those who are grieving from loss or divorce
  • Develop mechanisms for linking parishioners to available community resources

* Moderator: Marie Ice                      [email protected]

* Assistant Moderator: Ann DiFrangia                          [email protected]


  • Upgrade the website and social media across our parish
  • Make easy to use communication tools available to all parish commissions
  • Create opportunities for all parish organizations and staff to be better connected

* Moderator: Michael Douglas-O’Neill   [email protected]

Day School Advisory

  • Explore the most appropriate way to collect and understand School performance data
  • Develop a marketing plan for the school in coordination with the communications commission
  • Access current status of Catholic faith formation in the school and recommend any needed changes.
  • Listening to our teachers, explore alternatives for their continued professional development

* Moderator: Darlene Cook           [email protected]


  • Reach out to inactive Catholics, the unchurched, alienated, and others
  • Improve the way newcomers are welcomed into the parish
  • Support and expand the ‘faith sharing’ groups in our parish

* Moderator: Phillip Schuchter   [email protected]


We are a welcoming Catholic community called together by Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit to live and share the love of God in our parish and in our daily lives.

Faith Development

  • Develop new parish-wide devotional practices for spiritual formation
  • Develop additional faith formation programs for individuals and families
  • Examine programs for sacramental preparation and   formation

* Moderator: Pierre Ferrer         [email protected].

Faith at Work

  • Develop a list of available resources for making faith-work connection
  • Sponsor regular ‘faith at work’ reflection groups and events
  • Provide faith-based support to parishioners in work transitions

* Moderator: Brendan O’Connor   [email protected]


  • Expand the use of art and color in our church
  • Work with Youth Commission to create more avenues for young people to be included in our worship services
  • Develop a proposal for Children’s Liturgy and a plan for additional forms of music
  • Explore if we have other musicians in the parish who are  willing to share their talents

* Moderator:   Ellen Green   [email protected]


  • Offer opportunities for us to discover our gifts and explore ways for us to use them in our Parish and our day-to-day lives
  • Strengthen our efforts to create and keep current calendar of parish activities and organizations
  • Institute a ‘Newcomers Outreach’ effort

* Moderator: Brian Walsh   [email protected]

Social Justice

  • Develop educational programs about current social justice concerns in light of Catholic social teachings
  • Make reverence for all of life, racial and ethnic understanding, peacemaking, nonviolence, and spiritual and corporal acts of    mercy priorities in our parish
  • Work with other parishes and faith communities on common social justice concerns

* Moderator: Sonya Presper                 [email protected]sbcglobal.net

Youth Connections

  • Teens experience youth events that are energizing, engaging, and fun
  • Explore opportunities to link with other youth groups in the community
  • Discover service opportunities for youth, including ways to be included in parish life

* Moderator:  Alex Niemiec    [email protected]

Letter from our Pastor

Dear Parish Family,

In September, 2016, we hosted a Sunday afternoon Parish Gathering which brought together ninety plus parishioners to reminisce and appreciate the great heritage of this parish going back to 1847. We spent time in small groups to prioritize hopes and wishes we had for the future of our community to build upon this great legacy. A core group of parishioners committed to following through on the input received. The first priority was to develop a new Parish Pastoral Council, which would focus on pastoral planning, spiritual development, and parish outreach to people beyond our walls. A process was established to discern members of this new leadership body, who were commissioned at the weekend Masses of June 10-11, 2017. Together we developed a way for gathering your input as a foundation for creating specific goals and objectives to guide us into the future.


At our second Parish Gathering last September, participants developed broad-based goals within various aspects of parish life. These ten initiatives evolved into our creation of ten parish Commissions: Communications, Day School Advisory, Evangelization, Faith Development, Faith at Work, Pastoral Care, Social Justice, Stewardship and Community Building, Youth Connections, and Worship. We asked you to complete a parish survey at the various Masses, which gave us insights into the strengths and opportunities for improvement in our weekend experience and worship.


Drawing upon all this valuable input, over fifty parishioners became involved in one of these Commissions developing more specific goals, objectives, and timelines. We created a focused Parish Mission Statement which expresses the essence of who we are as St. Vincent de Paul Parish.


We present to you now the core elements of our Parish Pastoral Plan, including our Mission Statement and the prioritized goals which will be our focus through June 2019. We have specific objectives for each of the goals which can be reviewed on our parish website: www.stvincentchurch.com.


We are beginning to implement action steps for each of the objectives. These will be communicated to you on an ongoing basis through our parish website and bulletin. Please consider how you may be involved in any of these initiatives, recognizing your most important ministry is following the Way of Jesus in your daily life. With the prayerful assistance of our Parish Pastoral Council, we will measure our progress and, if necessary, adjust our course along the way.


To become an even more vibrant parish, will require the faith, energy, and collaboration of us all. I ask that each of us reflect upon our God-given gifts, talents, and interests as we implement this Plan. Please pray and discern a program or activity that will deepen your faith – and give you an opportunity to make a faith-based difference in the lives of others at the parish and throughout your week.


I pray for God’s blessing on this plan, as well as on each of you. May we be open to the Spirit we call Holy to inspire us to fulfill the deeper goals of this plan – to be missionary disciples of Jesus Christ bringing Gospel vision and values to our surrounding world.






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